Letter to Patients

A letter to our patients, detailing the importance of showing up on time for appointments

Welcome to Western Sierra Medical Clinic, where we are committed to better health together.

It’s a relationship that we take very seriously. Our mission is to provide the best-possible health care for the region and its residents, starting with you.

And the connection begins with your primary care provider, who can diagnose and treat the obvious — such as colds, coughs and cuts — but also focus on often-overlooked problems.

At Western Sierra, our primary care providers embrace a treat-the-whole-person approach to health care and look for the cause rather than merely treat the symptoms. For example, perhaps rather than prescribing drugs for a nagging illness, maybe it’s about where you live or current family circumstances?

It’s about ensuring that patients receive the health care, and other possible services, they need. In order to meet that goal, Western Sierra has greatly expanded its health care lineup — including behavioral health, dental services, specialists, Urgent Care, and an in-house Pharmacy — and continues to look at more services to help our patients and the region.

Quite simply, we’re never satisfied with the status quo, especially when it comes to your health.

Of course, like any successful relationship, we also need a commitment from you. Effective health care is definitely a two-way street.

We strongly encourage annual checkups, will order the occasional screenings and tests, and push for patients to be up-to-date on immunizations. And if you’re not feeling well, we want to hear from you as soon as possible. Delaying a visit with your medical provider often only worsens a health issue.

And speaking of appointments, we want to stress the importance of showing up. Despite the center’s fast-paced growth — about double the number of patients during the past decade — we’ve been able to maintain short waits for patients.

So, if you cannot make an appointment or are delayed, please let us know right away. Western Sierra will stop treating patients who often miss their scheduled appointments.

If you have any questions about Western Sierra, your primary care provider, our services or any health concerns, please feel free to call. We’re truly committed to better health together.

Dr. Kucas-RossDr. Heather Lucas-Ross
Chief Medical Officer