Addiction Managment FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions regarding our Medication-Assisted Treatment Program

Who is eligible to participate in the MAT program? 

Anyone who is chemically dependent or struggling with abstinence from drugs is eligible to apply and be evaluated for the program. Western Sierra’s focus is opioids, especially prescription pain medications – such as Vicodin, OxyContin and Percocet – and heroin. 

How are residents chosen or referred for the MAT program? 

Please call 1-855-467-3496 to inquire about assistance regarding chemical use. Also, your primary care physician, including those at Western Sierra Medical Clinic, can refer patients for the MAT program. 

Who is responsible for the substance abuse treatment of a patient in the MAT program? 

A MAT program clinician will oversee a patient’s substance abuse treatment. However, other health issues will remain the responsibility of the patient’s primary care provider. 

What are the requirements for the MAT program? 

The MAT program is open to all patients who want to address their chemical use. Enrollment in the program is limited, so people interested should contact Western Sierra as soon as possible. 

Are there specific opioids that make patients better (or worse) candidates for acceptance in the program? 

Patients on high levels of methadone are welcome to apply and be evaluated, but may not qualify for Suboxone treatment. 

How long are patients enrolled in the MAT program? 

The MAT program is designed for one year. However, patients will be strongly encouraged to continue participating in recovery programs afterwards. The goal is lifelong change to avoid substance abuse. 

How often will patients visit MAT program clinicians? 

In the beginning, patients will meet with their clinicians at least once a week. If a patient is responding well to treatment, he/she could meet as little as once a month. 

What are the medications used as part of the MAT program? 

MAT program clinicians will determine the most effective medication to help patients address their substance abuse. Suboxone is just one of many tools we can use as part of the program. 

Who will patients meet with during the MAT program? 

Western Sierra has established a MAT program team. Patients may meet with numerous health care professionals as part of the program. 

What promises/requirements from patients are necessary for enrollment in the MAT program? 

All patients must agree to random urine dug screening and sign a treatment agreement before acceptance in the program. Additional requirements will be discussed during the initial consultation. 

What is the cost for the MAT program? 

A large majority of health insurance plans accept MAT program treatment. For those without health insurance, Western Sierra will establish a sliding scale payment program based on the patient’s income. 

Is enrollment in the MAT program confidential? 

As with any health care treatment, a patient’s information is strictly confidential. 

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