Miner-Gann provides behavioral health patients a ‘well-rounded foundation’

Kelly Miner-Gann is committed to helping others, from patients battling opioid addiction to those dealing with HIV.

“I see many people who are dealing with multiple problems at once,” said Miner-Gann, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who joined Western Sierra Medical Clinic in 2014. “You hear some hard things.”

But acknowledging – and addressing — the problems is the only way to solve them.

Miner-Gann has worked in behavioral health for more than a decade and knows that trauma is often at the center of the problem. Child abuse, sexual abuse or domestic violence, each can have a dramatic and far-reaching impact on the mental – and physical – health of patients.

“People often want to ‘numb out when overwhelmed by emotional or psychological pain,’” Miner-Gann said. “We want to reduce the harm that can bring.”

Western Sierra Medical Clinic’s medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program is one of the latest ways to help patients addicted to opioids, such as painkillers.

Miner-Gann assists patients enrolled in the clinic’s fast-growing MAT program.

Miner-Gann, earned her bachelor of social work in 2008 and a master of social work in 2010 from San Jose State University.

Miner-Gann says that Western Sierra Medical Clinic, allows those in the community, regardless of their income, to get help for all mental health issues.

“I wanted to work with people from all walks of life,” she said of her decision to join Western Sierra rather than other providers that don’t accept all forms of insurance or lack thereof.”

“I’ve obtained diverse skills to enable me to work effectively with at-risk populations such as those diagnosed with substance use disorders and chronic mental illness.”

“I did that purposefully so I could have a well-rounded foundation to meet our patient’s needs.”