Donations today, tomorrow or in the future are greatly appreciated and help Western Sierra meet its financial needs.

Planned giving — where donors make a commitment to donate cash, equity, property or a combination of all three over a period of time — are an excellent way to help Western Sierra and the region’s residents.

With planned giving, donors can choose how and when to donate to the nonprofit organization. For example, a donor could opt to make a donation today, followed by a specific amount every year and then the remainder on their passing.

Western Sierra would be glad to discuss our goals and mission, and how your donation will make a difference.

Of course with any financial planning, please consult your financial adviser and a tax professional, and an attorney. Then, please consider Western Sierra Medical Clinic.

If you have questions or would like to learn more, please contact Francine Novak at (530) 273-4984 x102.

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