Our medical staff is committed to providing high-quality care to the community — and focused on your overall health. Learn more about who we are and what we do. Better health together begins with a connection and learning more about each other.

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Andrea Gekas

Andrea Gekas, NP

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Anna Morency

Anna Morency, NP

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Bridgett Morris

Bridgett Morris, LVN

Bridgett brings more than 10 years of experience in health care, including working in the Emergency Room at Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital and in private practice.

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Christina Lasich

Christina Lasich, MD

Since Dr. Lasich joined Western Sierra, the health care group is now the largest nonprofit health care provider in the region has also greatly expanded medical services, including urgent care, an on-site pharmacy and specialists.

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Donna Tully

Donna Tully, PA

Donna Tully, a Physician Assistant, works in the Grass Valley health center in Urgent Care and Family Medicine.

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Doris Royer

Doris Royer

Doris has more than 15 years of experience counseling adults and adolescents with substance abuse disorders (SUD).

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Douglas Wagner

Douglas Wagner, MD

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Elizabeth Miltner

Elizabeth Miltner, DDS

Dr. Elizabeth Miltner believes accessible, affordable, quality health care is important for a healthy community.
“I’ve always been an advocate for public health,” she says. “Access to care is very important.”

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Ingrid Bauer, MD

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Jay Patt

Jay Patt, DC

Chiropractic treatment has become more mainstream the past few decades and is a viable option to “control pain without opiates,” he said. Chiropractic care is the “largest non-drug medical practice in the world.”

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Jennifer Hays

Jennifer Hays, DMD

Dr. Hays was awarded a Doctorate in Dental Medicine from the University of Pittsburgh in 2010 and a Bachelor of Science from UC Davis.

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Joseph Lambert

Joseph Lambert, MD

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Juan Alberto Chavez

Juan Alberto Chavez, DDS

Being very health conscious, Dr. Chavez likes to help patients in their quest to keep good oral habits in order to maintain healthy gums and teeth. He has participated in various medical/dental events throughout the country as a volunteer dentist and continues to do so.

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Kelly Miner-Gann

Kelly Miner-Gann, LCSW

Miner-Gann has worked in behavioral health for more than a decade and knows that trauma is often at the center of the problem. Child abuse, sexual abuse or domestic violence, each can have a dramatic and far-reaching impact on the mental – and physical – health of patients.

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Kristen George

Kirsten George, PA

Kirsten George handles the health care needs of newborns to seniors. She joined Western Sierra in 2015.

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Lora Lee Grutkowski

Lora Lee Grutkowski, FNP

Lora Lee is a Family Nurse Practitioner and medical and emergency care provider at the Downieville site clinic.

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Marcia Roye-Madison, NP

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Michael Curtis

Michael Curtis, MD

Michael E. Curtis, MD received his advanced training from the University of Pittsburg Medical School in 1983 and participated in the Residency Training Pediatrician program at the Naval Hospital San Diego.

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Michael Darius

Michael Darius, PA

He has practiced medicine – and gained some valuable experience – in Arizona, Oklahoma and South Dakota. He has also worked at Peach Tree Health Clinic serving Sacramento, Sutter and Yuba counties, and was most recently with Med7 Urgent Care in Roseville, until he joined WSMC in 2019.

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Peter Harris, MD

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Polly Conley

Polly Conley, PNP

Polly joins Western Sierra from 14 years of private practice in Roseville. She has a Masters in Pediatrics from University of California, San Francisco and she received her BSN from Brigham Young University.

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Robert Plantz

Robert Plantz, PA-C

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Sarah Boyett

Sarah Boyett, LCSW

Sarah is a Licensed Clinical Social worker who has over 8 years of experience working in the Community Mental Health field. She specializes in working …

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Sarah Woerner

Sarah Woerner, MD

“Dr. Sarah” grew up in Nevada City, has been a practicing pediatrician since 1982 and speaks fluent Spanish.

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Sharon McIntyre

Sharon McIntyre, MD

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Shirley McCulloch, NP

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Susan Shapiro

Susan Shapiro, MD

Dr. Susan E. Shapiro – who has practiced medicine for more than four decades, including 20 years in Auburn – has joined Western Sierra Medical Clinic as a primary care provider.

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Tetsuya Shirasuka

Tetsuya Shirasuka, DDS

Dr. Tetsuya Shirasuka, D.D.S., has 30-years of experience as a dentist, providing patients of all ages with dental care in a variety of practice settings.

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Thomas Jacobs

Thomas Jacobs, DPM

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Trish Hartman

Trish Hartman

Patricia “Trish” Hartman provides substance abuse counseling at Western Sierra’s Placer County health centers in Auburn and Kings Beach (Tahoe).

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Zarlasht Fakiri

Zarlasht Fakiri, DO

Dr. Zarlasht (Zari) Fakiri is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, specializing in adult medicine.

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