history of western sierra medical clinic

Western Sierra started in 1975, when community-minded volunteers led by Frank Lang, Nurse Practitioner, MICN, opened a clinic in Downieville to serve the small town’s residents and tourists visiting the region. Under Lang’s leadership for more than 35 years, the clinic provided primary care services to the community.

In 1987, Dr. Dee Dawkins founded Miners Clinic in Nevada County with a small group of Board members from the community, Anthony Halby, Scott Browne, Lupe Peterson, Tom Morrissey and Anita Daniels. Dr. Dawkins and the Board committed to providing first-rate health care to people in the region who had no physician or inadequate health insurance, relying instead on the emergency room for their health care.

Dr. Dawkins and Dr. Scott Kellermann were instrumental in providing a home for Miners Clinic, which served low-income residents and others without access to outpatient health services.

The two health centers, which shared a common goal of community-focused health care, merged in January 2010. The new, and larger organization, has expanded beyond the original mission of the founders.

Western Sierra’s 19,000-square-foot health center in Grass Valley along with health centers in Auburn, Penn Valley and Kings Beach-Tahoe, are among the latest efforts to ensure our commitment to community-focused, quality health care.

Western Sierra offers quality medical, dental and behavioral health care and continues to expand its specialties to meet the needs of the region’s residents, regardless of their income or insurance coverage.